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Shorts Pro screenshot

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Shorts Pro

Shorts symbolNOTE! Pro Version not released yet! Shorts Pro is try before you buy. Shorts is a program that lets you change Microsoft's Windows five preconfigured shortcuts in all of the open/save dialogue windows. You can save your own shortcuts as groups wich makes saving to different folders easier and faster. The Pro version of Shorts changes its shortcuts depending on what software you are using.


Maybe you save all of your images in a certain set of folders, but as you switch to your audio program you work with a whole new set of folders. Shorts Pro automatically changes this for you. You simply identify your program in Shorts Pro, assign a group of shortcuts to it and then its done!

Shorts Pro is tested in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Windows default open/save dialogue

windows open save dialogue

Open & save dialogue changed with shorts

Changed open save dialogue