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   Shorts Lite Released!    2005-11-25
Our little timesaver Shorts Lite is officially released, for free.

Change Windows Shortcuts?

Have you ever wanted to change Windows default shortcuts in all of the open & save dialogues? Then Shorts is the software you need!

Our goal is to make the everyday use of computers a bit easier. We design solutions that saves time and effort and gets rid of those irritating procedures that has to be done over and over again. Our current timesavers are Shorts Lite and Shorts Pro! If you've never heard of them you can read all about them in our "products" section.

If you work with network folders or with projects this is a very useful tool. You can have an unlimited number of shortcuts-groups and switch instantly between them with a right-click. Shorts was born out of the frustration of having to choose different network folders when saving or opening images in Photoshop. If you work with larger projects this can be a real timesaver, simply add your project folders to a new group in Shorts and then you have your shortcuts ready. Once you start using it you'll get addicted. Get rid of "My Documents" once and for all!

Ideas of when to use Shorts

In Photshop, Illustrator & Indesign. Proven to be very useful!
Audio software: Cubase, Sonar, Wavelab, Itunes, Winamp. Also proven to be very useful, especially in larger projects.

Shorts is not limited to any software. As long as the program uses windows default open and save dialogues and shortcuts it can change them.

Read more about Shorts Lite
Read more about Shorts Pro


Download Shorts

Download icon Go to downloadpage for Shorts Lite (free version).

Change your open and save shortcuts now!
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